Two More Audiobooks!

GraceSpaceRobinMerrillAudioBookcoverIntroducingGertrudeGumshoeRobinMerrillAudioBookcoverTwo more new audiobooks! Now Shelter; Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe; and Grace Space: A Direct Sales Tale are all available in audio form from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. And y’all, my narrators are awesome. I can’t wait for you to hear Gertrude’s voice, created by the lovely and hysterical Darlene Allen!

Also, both Shelter and Gertrude #1 (as I lovingly call it, while I work feverishly to finish Gertrude #2 for y’all) are available for Whispersync. This means that, if you buy (or already own) the Kindle version of either book, you can upgrade to audio for super cheap. It also means that your kindle will keep track of where you are in the book as you switch back and forth between reading and listening. Isn’t technology grand?

It might also be worth mentioning, that if you get the paperback of any of my books through Amazon, you can then also get the kindle book for either $.99 or free, which will then allow you to also qualify for Whispersync. (This means you can get paperback for a friend, and then get the tech versions for yourself for super cheap!)

Oh, and speaking of cheap, if you don’t have an audible membership, you can do a one-month trial for free, which gets you one free audio book!

And stay tuned, as Daniel and The Witches of Commack, Maine are currently in audio production!

As always, thank you for your continued support. Obviously, this wouldn’t be much fun without you. So thanks for reading, and, listening. 🙂


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