The Jesus Diet

The Jesus Diet is an excellent source of daily inspiration for anyone who is overweight or who simply wants a healthier lifestyle. Each brief devotional is both engaging and encouraging. The author, Robin Merrill–who herself lost an impressive 50 pounds–isn’t afraid to over-spiritualize losing weight. In fact, she writes, “For me, weight loss was incredibly spiritual.” As the reader will learn, Robin literally prayed the weight off! While this book is based on biblical precepts, it’s also packed with practical ideas and advice. Going through it has helped remind me we are to love the Lord our God with all of our being, which certainly includes taking good care of our bodies. The Jesus Diet boldly goes where few modern diet books have dared to venture: into the heart of the matter, declaring war on fat and worth in Jesus. I highly recommend it! — Dwayne Moore, Next Level Worship, author of Pure Praise: A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship

The original 30 devotions.

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