It’s Here!!! Daniel Is Live!

Daniel kindle cover small


After MUCH ado, Daniel, the sequel to Shelter, went live for Kindle this morning. It will be available for paperback within a day or two!










Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe!

Coming soon to a Kindle near you!



Shelter’s a Bestseller!

It has been a crazy week! On Amazon, Shelter hit #1 in Religious Literature and Fiction! There’s even a cute little badge beside the thumbnail! And for a few hours, I as an author was #1 in Christian ebooks and Bibles! I can now say I’m a bestselling author and I won’t even by lying! 🙂 Thank you so much to all of you who have read, recommended, and reviewed my books! I am so honored, and so grateful!



New Releases!

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And not one but two new releases! Both are available for Kindle, and will be available in Paperback soon.

The-Witches-of-Commack-Maine-Book-Cover-front-only More-Jesus-Diet-Book-Cover-large


Cardinal Flower Journal

Three of my poems are in the debut issue of Cardinal Flower Journal! And they are placed alongside some very cool photos! Check them out!


Shelter is LIVE!

After MUCH ado, the new novel is live for Kindle! (And it should be available in paperback, via Amazon or myself, within a few days.) Thanks everyone for your continued support! (And if you like the book, please, please leave a review. And if you don’t like the book, please tell me in private. Thank you.)


WABITV and Me!

If you didn’t catch it (and that’s entirely reasonable, since it happened at 6:10 a.m.), here I am on WABI:

Watch here!

(Can you tell how nervous I was?)


I’m Going to Be on TV!

For 20 years, Ted and Ruth Bookey have tirelessly organized poetry readings at the Harlow Art Gallery in Hallowell, Maine. (You can read more about that here: http://harlowgallery.org/twenty-years-of-poetry-at-the-Harlow/). Now, the torch has been handed over to three other capable poets: Claire Hersom, Jay Franzel, and Bob Mclaughlin.

On Friday, June 19th, Nate Amadon and I will be featuring at the Harlow Art Gallery, at 7 pm. Y’all should come! That morning, at 6:10 a.m. (gulp!), I will be going on WABI morning TV to talk about this reading series and my future trip to Oakland, California for NPS 2015! So, if you’re up really early, or you’re still trying to fall asleep from the night before, please tune in! And if you’re so inclined, pray for me, because I might be terrified!


Cover Reveal!

Here it is, the cover of the new novel (yes, this one is actually long enough to qualify), done by the talented and patient Heidi of My Creative Pursuits.

Shelter_coverart_Web (2)

Coming to a kindle near you in just a few weeks!


Review in The Cafe Review!

So this is exciting, even if I’m a little late to the party. I just found out that the amazing Bruce Spang reviewed Jesus Was a Feminist and other poems in The Cafe Review way back in the fall. Thank you, Bruce!