Robin Merrill is one of those poets who leaves your belly full. She is at once, hilarious, witty, snarky and wonderful. She uses levity deftly. Her writing is honest and clear. What can I say? She's delightful. ~ Dominique Christina 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion


What? The schedule is blank? Someone, book me! Quick!



I would love to feature at your venue. Make me an offer. (I’m a pretty cheap date.)

A note about these events: Poets can be¬†flighty folks. When you throw other writers, musicians, artists, and dancers into the mix, who knows what will happen? I will try to keep this page updated to the minute, but sometimes things are beyond my control. Before you travel any distance to an event, please call the venue and check to make sure things are happening. You can also contact me directly. Thanks! Can’t wait to meet you or see you again!