New Creation

Creative Writing Workshops!

Here’s the short version: I LOVE to share my LOVE of poetry with others! (Especially people who don’t know yet how much they love poetry!)




I have been leading creative writing workshops for all sorts of writers since I was just a young pup. I have worked with children of all ages (I especially love working with home learning students), adults with intellectual disabilities, incarcerated individuals, and church groups!


New Creation workshops are affordable and accessible, with a threefold focus:


  • If you are a parent looking for a God-honoring way to safely expose your student to contemporary poetry and creative writing, this is your chance! 
  • If you are a contemporary poet looking for some inspiration and guidance, this is your chance!
  • If you want to try your hand at poetry but aren’t sure where to start, this is your chance!
  • If you are a group leader looking for a fun way to engage and challenge your group, this is your chance!


This is your chance! Contact me now for more info!